GHS adds Pressurewound bronze bass sets

GHS adds Pressurewound bronze bass sets

GHS Strings has announced a new development in bass strings: Pressurewound Bronze strings for acoustic/electric instruments.

‘Many acoustic/electric bass players know that the traditional bronze strings that come standard on these basses have harsh overtones and a lot of string noise,’ the maker says. ‘GHS created the Pressurewound Bronze bass strings to tackle these issues. By rollerwinding the final bronze cover, the string noise is eliminated, leaving you that sparkling acoustic bronze tone without anything extra.

‘GHS manufactured the Pressurewound Bronze bass strings, using the same construction concepts as the Balanced Nickels and took the final bronze cover and rollerwound it to eliminate any string squeakiness. The result is a set of strings that sound great up and down the board with finger noise eliminated’.

GHS adds that its Pressurewound Bronze strings are designed much like its Balanced Nickel bass sets; each string has two covers, wound over a round core. This design also allows the Pressurewound Bronze to be used on an electric bass with magnetic pickups: ‘…yielding a smooth, mid-forward sound.’

GHS Pressurewound Bronze are available in a 4-string set (light 42-92) with a single 120 gauge available for 5 string basses.


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