Kurzweil’s ‘highly affordable’ SP1 88-note Stage Piano now shipping

Kurzweil’s ‘highly affordable’ SP1 88-note Stage Piano now shipping

Distributor Sound Technology says that following the success of the Kurzweil SP6 Stage Piano, the SP1, now shipping: ‘…continues the same standard of sonic excellence in a streamlined, highly affordable, easy to use and portable package. The SP1’s intuitive controls and lack of menus let you stay focused on the music with direct sound selection and a customisable ‘Favourites’ section’.

Pitched at students and schools, small gigs and home recording, the Sp1 has an RRP of £699

Features include:


16 Sounds in 4 Categories – 16 presets featuring:

Pianos from the German D Artis Grand

EP’s from Forte SE

Strings, winds & bass from PC3 Series

A selection of organ, clav and synth pads

Multiple FX

Four individually adjustable FX: Reverb, Chorus, Tremolo, Delay

Dedicated 3-Band Master EQ

Custom tweaks can be saved to Favourites


88-note Hammer-Action Keyboard

256 Voices of Polyphony

Easy Splits/Layers

Quickly split and/or layer up to 4 sounds together for ensemble performance

Enable Dual mode for ‘4-hands’ (teacher+student) instruction

Save custom combinations to Favourites


Only 27 lb (12 kg)

Aux Audio Input

Left/right audio in jacks for jamming along with an MP3 player or other external audio device


Volume Control

Easily adjust the volume of each of the four available instrument categories with a single knob twist

Dual Wheels and Transpose Buttons

Pitch/Modulation wheels along with dedicated -/+ Transpose controls conveniently located right on the front panel

MIDI Control

Dedicated ‘External Control’ section for controlling external MIDI instruments/software

Info: www.soundtech.co.uk/kurzweil.

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