a super technical question for Hagen

a super technical question for Hagen

hoping you’re still around here and might be able to answer this question….

As I understand it, the failure of the PCIe Powercores in OSX after 10.8.4 had to do with the addressing scheme adopted to provide more device addresses for Thunderbolt setups… something like 12 addresses was expanded to 36.

Recently, Ive come across some forums for eGPU folks who have discussed using custom DSDT edits to force specific PCIe device addresses for eGPUs to make them work correctly in non-supported setups.

Im wondering, for the very tech-headed among us, if something like that might be employed to trick the PCIe to work with newer OSX versions? As it doesnt seem like there was ever a great deal of detail made public as to what the exact bug was, Im not sure this would be feasible or not… but basically, do you think it would be possible to force via DSDT a specific, workable device ID?

I would also add, Ive been running hackintoshes for years now and ive gotten pretty good at DSDT editing. But what im looking for here is basically a yes/no on do you think this would be possible? or is the nature of the bug something else which would not be affected by DSDT edits.

feel free to PM me about this as this might not be something that would be good to be in the public domain lest people start bricking their systems. the long and short of it is, I can’t keep staying on 10.9 forever and I really dont want to switch to PC to keep using my PCIe cards.

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