Albert Lee HH – to trem or not to trem?

Albert Lee HH – to trem or not to trem?

Hi all,

I went into Guitar Amp & Keyboard in Brighton a few days ago, tried out the Albert Lee HH – really just to get a feel for the neck, because I was interested in the St Vincent and they didn’t have one of those in stock – and I instantly fell in love with the Albert Lee. Honestly I’ve never picked up a guitar that felt or sounded that good, it’s an amazing piece of work.

So I feel a purchase coming on… What I’m trying to decide is whether or not I want the trem. The model I played was without tremolo, and I can see that this would have advantages. For example, I’ve spent a lot of time playing a Tele, and I’m used to muting strings with my palm in a way that naturally transferred to the Albert Lee. I guess also the non-trem version is more resonant?

Would anyone here care to comment on what difference the tremolo might make to playability, and also to the overall resonance of the guitar? Any opinions, however subjective, welcome!


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