BH550 and TonePrint

BH550 and TonePrint

Hello everyone,

I just bought a BH550. Having follwing issues and ask for help:

1. While updating the Firmware the Mute LED is not (!) blinking (like the instructions tell this),
    but the update seems to run well. At least the Software Updater tells this. Any indication
    for a problem due to this ?

2. V3 of the TonePrint Editor on Mac (actual Mac OS) is faulty. Just after sending the Tone to the Amp. The
    Application is dying.

3. I can not transfer Tones from my Mac to the BH550 with V2
    (would be a workaround because of #2)

Only good news: Using iPhone everything is ok

Honestly: Either I am really doing something really wrong or the Software from is big sh..

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