Bongo 5HH(want to show off and looking for information)

Bongo 5HH(want to show off and looking for information)

Hello! Noob here, so please be nice. I picked up a used Bongo 5HH, which turned out to be a 2004 model(I didn’t even realize they have been making the Bongo for that long). I love it. It has been refinished by Marty Bell(world renown Marty Bell) and looks flawless. I hate the color blue but this thing sticks out like a sore thumb and I like that kind of attention. I do have some questions on it though.

Did EBMM use different wood on earlier models of the Bongo? This thing is extremely heavy, or so it seems. I have a Neptune Blue Bongo 5HH, and have previously owned a BFR 4H. There seems to be a substantial weight difference between the PDN Neptune Blue Bongo 5HH and this one. Anyone have any insight into this? Bathroom scale is showing close to a pound of difference.

Also, have there been any major design/material changes over the course of the Bongos?

Thanks for any help. Here is a pic. I understand it wont be for everyone, but I really dig it and everyone I talk to seems to have an opinion on it(whether good or bad)!

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