Caprice vs. Cutlass (also, Stingray 30th Anniversary Question)

Caprice vs. Cutlass (also, Stingray 30th Anniversary Question)

I’m currently the middle of exploring options for an EBMM basses. I’ve ‘narrowed’ it down to a Caprice, Cutlass, Bongo 5, or SR5 30th. Basically, it’s a total tossup and I have no idea what to do.:p Anyway…

From what I gather, they share a common pickup, one that’s meant to emulate a P bass, while the Caprice has an pickup near the bridge to emulate a J bass. Based on the spec sheet, the only other noticeable difference is the Cutlass with a slightly larger body.

So my question is: what is the advantage or selling point of the Cutlass in terms of sound? It seems like the Caprice should be able to duplicate the tone simply by dialing down the neck pickup.

Sorry if the answer is obvious – I feel like I’m overlooking something here. Any help would be appreciated though.

As an aside, I’m also interested in the 30th Anniversary SR5. Initially I was sold on the looks, but I’ve read a handful of posts saying it’s more mellow and rounded in tone with the new electronics. I was hoping someone might be able to confirm this or post a link to a sound sample reflecting this. I once owned a Stingray 4 Classic, but I ultimately returned it because every tonal combination seemed to have too much bite for my liking as an only bass.

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