Clarity M Issue In WaveLab

Clarity M Issue In WaveLab

I’ve been sensing some weirdness with the VST3 version of Clarity M in WaveLab but today I confirmed some things.

When I have the Clarity M inserted in the Playback Processing slot of the master section, and then I pan an audio clip all the way to the right, all the audio disappears to silence. When I keep it panned center (which is normal) or panned hard left, all is OK.

Here is a video: … 3.m4v?dl=0

I noticed it today because as you hear in the video, I have a track where in the right channel I have about 1 second of total silence but in the left channel the guitar plays. When I was listening in WaveLab the audio TOTALLY MUTES in this section where the right channel is digital black silence. Very strange.

Normally my clips are normally panned left and right so the only reason I looked farther is this special case where the right channel has digital black silence for a moment and it caused all the audio to mute.

I am a WaveLab beta tester so I have reported it to them as well but I think this could be a plugin issue.

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