Classic Series Stingray rules

Classic Series Stingray rules

I have several great EBMM Basses and I love each one of them and use them regularly to gig. But the one bass that continues to shine a little brighter is my 2017 Classic Stingray. It is strung with flats and I play it regularly through a 100 watt tube amp with a single 15. I am in tonal nirvana each time I play this bass. It is so smooth yet authoritative. I used it last night on my NYE gig and it was such a joy to play. When you play a bass like this that inspires you musically it is just an unmatched experience.

I have assigned my Basses particular roles in certain groups or gigs I play so that I get to rotate often and enjoy each one. I look forward to the gigs I get to play this bass on.

Thanks EBMM for continued excellence and keeping the magic alive for us players.

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