confusing setup with peavey 6505 –

confusing setup with peavey 6505 –

Hi All,
I think this is probably something obvious, but im really confused with my gmajor setup

I set up a patch for tuning my guitar.. and because I want it silent for tuning, I set the ‘prsetOutlv’ to -100dB in the hope that I wouldn’t get any sound out of the amp… but weirdly I still get guitar sound (quieter)-and its not got any of the effects on it

its almost like the tc is silent, but my amp is still going

I should add that the g major is connected to the fx loop on my 6505.

in case it helps diagnosis… I have also setup an expression pedal for volume, and when expression is at its lowest (i.e. should be silent) I still get some sound (without any of the fx)

any help would be much appreciated because I can live without a tuner mute, but really want the expression pedal to be able to mute

thanks !

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