Considering A Nova System, But A Couple Of Questions First

Considering A Nova System, But A Couple Of Questions First

I am considering buying a Nova system but need some info first.

I have two amps, a modern one with a loop and a vintage one without a loop. I am not concerned about the modern one, but am about the vintage one.

How does the Nova sound in front of an amp? What if distortion is used? I plan to use my two dirt pedals (one overdrive, one distortion) so I would be plugging the guitar into them, those into the Nova, and then the Nova into the amp. Would the use of those dirt pedals muddy up the sound of the Nova? My amp has great natural distortion but has to be loud before it breaks up so I basically use it clean and use the pedals for dirt (luckily, it is a whore for all pedals and will take anything you throw at it).

Essentially, my concern is that using dirt into the Nova and the Nova into the amp might not sound good. Can anyone tell me of their experiences doing this, particularly through a vintage amp?

Also, can you use any combination of the Nova’s effects together, even ones of the same type? For example, on the front of the Nova it shows modulation effects grouped together. Can you use only one from that group or could I use chorus, flanger, and phaser together (not that I ever would, I am just using those as examples)?

Any and all comments are appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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