Ditto – audio quality?

Ditto – audio quality?

I have one on order, FedEx gas not come yet. I am already getting cold feet and may refuse the package.

I want Ditto owners to comment on something:

For those of you who have exported your stereo files (to DAW), are you happy with the quality?

I know the Ditto files are only 16bit/44k but, how is the headroom and white noise factor, after you started to work with the Ditto exports? Good enough as keepers, to be used for a final demo recording? Or, do you you all feel that those captured tracks have limitations?

Am I buying the wrong tool? I not buying the Ditto for live jamming, etc. I am hoping this Ditto is good enough to use as a simple but serious on board stereo track recorder, for impulsive song part FINAL recording, with out the need to fire up a DAW or even field recorder. I am not talking about a temp file scratch track tool, I want tracks that sound good enough to be keepers…no need to go back and re-record later.

Again, I know it only spits out 16bit/44k waves. Already, this is way less headroom then using a flash recorder  (24/96). I know the Ditto will not give me Sound Devices 702 quality. But, can it come close enough (no white noise and capped headroom)?

Please comment, anyone?

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