DittoX4 Midi Sync Drift

DittoX4 Midi Sync Drift


I encountered some serious midi sync drift issues with my ditto x4 together with my aturia drumbrute as well as with the midi clock coming from my korg microcontrol. But to make sure it’s not me pushing the loop buttons out of sync I did another test with my DAW. I used a midi clip in ableton live to send the start und stop midi message (cc 3). Then I recorded a one bar ditto loop together with a metronome loop coming from my DAW. After 5 Minutes approx. I had a clear sync drift between the metronome and the ditto loop. For the first loops the drift was not hearable, but after 5 Minutes the drift could be seen and heard very cleary.

After 5 Minutes the drift was approx 1/16 note (at 93 bpm).

I currently have the latest Firmware V49 1.1.00 on my ditto.

Could you give me a hint how to deal with those sync drift issues? Thank you very much.

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