EBMM at the Dallas Guitar Show!

EBMM at the Dallas Guitar Show!

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY (…and Friday and Saturday,) will be at the Dallas International Guitar & Music Festival! For more info here is the link to their site: Dallas International Guitar Festival

We’re going to have lots of great stuff on display, like our 2017 Spring Collection. If you weren’t aware, that includes the new paint schemes for the passive basses, stealth black STV’s, 30th Anniversary
SR5’s, Teal JP15s, and Monarchy Majesties!

But the real treat for this weekend is that we will be selling some very cool one-off stuff from the EBMM vault! Here’s a list and some pictures of the vault that will be there:

20th Anniversary Silhouette – Koa top, all rosewood neck & fretboard, hardtail

AXIS – spalted maple top, rosewood neck and fretboard, locking trem (naturally)

BFR JP – Koa top, alder body w/mahogany tone block, walnut burst finish

Luke (II) – mahogany body, Neptune Blue finish, roasted maple neck w/rosewood board

Even if you’re not there to shop the Motor City Madman Uncle Ted is playing at 5:30 on Sunday. EBMM will also have performances at the D’Angelico stage at 1:50PM on Friday, and at 1:10 on Sunday. Come on down!

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