EBMM Majesty Monarchy 6 neck profile

EBMM Majesty Monarchy 6 neck profile

Hi all,

I was lucky enough to try a range of music man guitars at an event in California, and the majesty monarchy has the most comfortable neck carve I have ever played! Rounded, not as flat as an Ibanez for example, but quite thin and fast feeling.

As I live in the north of England, and sadly not the guitar-abound golden state, these guitars are really hard to come by to try.

The EB website has the basic specs, 17″ radius etc., but nothing detailed. I’d like to know some detailed measurements, digital calipers style, which would explain the neck carve. Obviously this can only be done properly with the strings off!

If anyone has these details to hand or can measure up for me, it would be most appreciated.



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