Feedback Noise with High gain

Feedback Noise with High gain

Good morning,

my name is Florian and I am new in this forum.

I have a G-system that I use now since several years now. It served me now for many many live concerts and rehearsals. I have connected it with the four cable method.

Last week I dropped my amp as well as the G-systems rack part.
The amp is definitely broken now. It was a Carvin V3m.

Now I switched to my second amp, a Koch Twintone II. When I played the amp now during rehearsal there was this nasty feedback on my high gain channel. I could get rid of it when lowering the “loop headroom” to 10 dB. But this lead to my amp being to soft and not loud enough. When setting the “loop headroom” to 0 dB again, the feedback occurred again.

I was able to reproduce this at home with my amp: … 8.mp4?dl=0

So here are my questions:
1) Is this a normal behaviour of the G-system or is it broken?
2) If this is normal, how can I overcome this?

I also read the white paper from Laird Williams (thanks for this great paper 😉 ), but I still don’t understand why the feedback occurs when turning up the master volume even there is no guitar connected.


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