Feedback: Toneprint app

Feedback: Toneprint app

First post, and didn’t know where to post this but anyhow here it goes.

Would it be possible to get a “clean up” in the graphic interface of the toneprint editor/library, and phone app?

It is quite difficult to use the app and program! Instead of different pages, “By artist” or “by product”, how about one list, with filters? Filter based on which product and other characteristics. In the list each entry should be made small enough that you can observe a range of entries. Each entry could have some icons or numbers and so on to indicate qualities, effects used, pedal and much more. F.ex:

Effectname | Creator | Pedal | Popularity(ranked by how many favourites) |

Ampkrusher | Jim I. Hendriksen | HOF + DM | 500 favourites | (Icons to communicate characteristics)–>

Think of spreadsheets, only a bit more classy looking…

Also I would love to store some information in my editor, both phone- and PC-app. Settings from my pedals, like the artists do (no need to share it with the world, but stored locally). I would also love the possibility to store which TCE pedal I own, of course only to make the search for effects easier. Stored effects could also be shared in a seperate list from the pro toneprints, something like “user shared toneprint”. Don’t know if this is implemented in the app, but is it possible to have several toneprint pedals connected to the PC, and still editing each pedal?

Not related but I have this problem with my flashback delay, sometimes when i connect it to my computer it overwrites every setting. Which means all the factory effects are changed, reverse for example isn’t reversed. My fix is unplugging the power and plugging it back in, letting it reboot.

Lastly, pardon my english it’s a bit rusty… Anyway, great products and I look forward to getting more pedals

Edit: I know there is a possibillity to store user toneprints, I was thinking an upgraded version. Where your stored TP’s are listed in a similary fashion as the artist, not necessarily shared with others. It should also have the possibility to get settings from the pedals, a send and recieve function

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