Flashback 2 Tape – mash activated feedback issue

Flashback 2 Tape – mash activated feedback issue

Hi everyone,

I’ve just purchased a Flashback 2. Today as I was trying it out with a drum machine, running both outputs of the pedal into a mixer, i realized that when the mash function is activated in tape echo mode, the delay goes into feedback oscillation as it is supposed to, but only on one channel! This is repeatable and happens when the pedal is fed mono or stereo signals. When the mono output is used, it works normal – which is kind of expected as there is no right/left channel in mono mode. Can someone tell me what the problem is?

Also the third TonePrint slot seems to be empty. I purchased the pedal at JustMusic in Berlin and the packaging was already open. I wonder if they sold me a returned, damaged unit.


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