Flashback X4 firmware update issue

Flashback X4 firmware update issue

I had my Flashback X4 working in stereo with 2 amps. Then for some reason I thought I would update the firmware on a Windows 10 PC. I followed the instructions then clicked the green button on screen to start the process. The update process didn’t seem to begin. It just stayed at 0% saying the update was uploading for several minutes. Nothing happened, it was just frozen at this point. I had to restart my PC to get out of the process. Task manager wouldn’t even get rid of it.

Now the pedal doesn’t work as it did prior to this attempt to update firmware. In pre sets A & C the stereo function doesn’t work properly. Both amps repeat in unison. Pre set B still works, the delay bounces left and right between the stereo channels.

Any advice appreciated.

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