Flashback x4 MIDI compatibility issues with Boss ES-8 switcher

Flashback x4 MIDI compatibility issues with Boss ES-8 switcher

I am hoping someone can help. Based on older threads I have read it look like this might be challenging.

I have just completed a new pedalboard build with the Boss ES-8 switcher as the brain and 3 midi capable pedals running into the board:

Strymon Mobius
Eventide H9
TC Flashback x4

I have an Eventide Time Factor also but prefer the Flashback x4 for it’s straight forward usability. However, I am having ZERO luck getting it to work via midi.

I have read in a few threads that the midi channel was updated to Ch 1 in the only firmware update I see, but others (and the manual) stating that it works in Omni Mode only.

I have tried setting the Channel to 1 (as well as others) and listed the PC as 1 for the first preset but nothing happens when triggering the midi signal.

I am a novice when it comes to midi so I suppose it could be user error, but based on some of the other experiences it seems like TC probably needs to step their midi game up.

Has anyone had success controlling a Flashback x4 with a Boss ES-5 or ES-8 switcher?


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