G system output problems (NO OUTPUT)

G system output problems (NO OUTPUT)

I have owned the g system before with awesome results but I had to sell my stuff due to personal issues. I was able to put dome extra money together to buy my guitar rig again so I bought this unit used on GC. I didn’t have the chance to test and connect everything until 4 months later. I tried to connect everything this weekend and I had no sound coming out of the g system.
I can see input signal on the G system level meter. When I turn the insert ON I get no sound at all, when I turn it off I get signal going to the amp but it is very weak (as in EXTREMELY WEAK). I have tried the following, all having the same result:

I tested all the cables used to connect the g system to the amp (TS, TRS) they all work without any problem.
I tested the fx loop on my amp with a volume pedal (m90 modena, FX set at 100%). It works perfectly.
I configured the g system according to Laird’s manual, setting parameters, values, locking everything that needed to be locked and double checking every parameter assigned to make sure I didn’t omit anything.
Tried the 2 cable method
Tried the 4 cable method (which is what I have normally used before).
I updated the software to version 4.05 which was on it already.
I cleared the system.
I cleared the banks.
I have NOT connected any volume nor expression pedals to the g system.

I have no idea what else to check, please HELP!

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