G system relay switching for an H&K Trilogy

G system relay switching for an H&K Trilogy

I cannot get the G system relay switching to work with my H&K Trilogy. I can get the channels to change via midi from the G system, but don’t want to use this as the midi currently controls my nova drive and there is no ‘midi through’ on the amp. The amp uses an FS4 footswitch and the footswitch works fine. However when I use the G systems relay settings the amp channel switching only does 2 things: turns the serial loop on and off, and turns the amp channel to super lead.  I just can’t get the amp to switch to the clean, crunch and lead channels. I have tried a variety of TS and TRS cables and get the same non-result each time.

Is there a trick that I’m missing? Is there a type of cable I can solder up that will do the job? I’ve made up cables for other amps that have din type amp switching plugs with success, however the H&K FS4 footswitch appears to simply have a TRS plug.   

I have found a previous query on this same topic from about 7 years ago but unfortunately could not find any answers. Hopefully someone has figured this one out in the interim. Cheers.

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