G system sucks tone in FX loop

G system sucks tone in FX loop

Have set up the system according to Laird’s manual.  However when the G-system is in the loop it’s as if someone has stuffed a pillow in the amp and taken it halfway down the street.  And replaced my strings with rust-flecked flatwounds found in the back of a cupboard in 1940, and I’m wearing ski gloves.  All my tone is gone.  Loss of  bite and upper register, no tele twang at all.

Unsplit – everything before the amp’s preamp it doesn’t suck tone (or volume) but of course I can’t position time-based effects after the gain stage and my comp/drive before it.

Using a pedalboard with 8 pedals on (which the G system is meant to replace) works just fine with the same cables, mod effects etc in the loop and drives before.  No loss of tone, so it isn’t anything to do with the cables or amp loop.

Indeed with a TC nova system in the loop only of the same amp (same cables etc) there is no tone loss… 

So the problem appears to be only in the G system FX loop mode.  I presume it is somthing to do with impedence but if it can’t be solved without buying yet another piece of kit then the G system is pretty useless…

Anyone got any solutions? Apert from ditch the G system and keep the Nova system?

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