Has anyone here used Mimiq with two amps?

Has anyone here used Mimiq with two ?


I am using a G-Major 2 to emulate a second guitarist when our singer is to busy to play the second guitar harmony. (Thin Lizzy style)

It works really well when I am using two amps and it’s almost a bit spooky to have an invisible additional guitarist in the band.

Unfortunately the G-Major 2 doesn’t have a Mimiq built in, because I am interested in hearing how well it would work with the band.

I have googled around and it seems like very few people have been writing about their experiences with Mimiq through two amps, so I though I should ask here.

Has anyone tried two amps and a Mimiq with distorted rhythm guitar playing? Does it work well to fake a second rhythm guitar player live? Or is it just another doubler, stereo chorus thing which you stop using after two rehearsals with the band…

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