Hello….newbie from the UK here…..

Hello….newbie from the UK here…..

Hi there.

I looked for a “new members” thread but couldn’t spot one.

Anyway, I’ve just bought my first MM guitar and thought it’d be good to be on a forum where I can get up to speed and learn from some experts. My guitar is a purple / blue quilted Steve Morse Y2D with a Floyd Rose. I’ve never owned a Floyd Rose, so this will be a challenge. Also, I’m just learning guitar at the age of 56. I’ve been able to play a few chords for many years but decided that if I didn’t learn “better” soon, I might as well give up.

Anyway, I’m exceptionally pleased with the guitar so far (bought it on Sunday at the London International Guitar Show) – but haven’t needed to do anything with the strings as yet. Hopefully, it’s not as difficult in reality as the mechanism looks. Any tips / pointers would be welcomed.

I’ve got a few other guitars but I can see the Steve Morse being a favourite.

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