Help: JP6 3rd String Muddy When Open

Help: JP6 3rd String Muddy When Open

I finally got my hands on a JP6 recently and I’m incredibly happy with it.

However, I’ve noticed the 3rd (G) string sounds a little muddy when played open; like there’s a hard cloth in the nut or something. It just doesn’t have the same brilliance as strings 1 and 2 do, especially when I’m using the piezo. Obviously, when the 3rd string is fretted at any fret, it sounds fine. When you push the 3rd string down between the nut and tuners to put more tension on the nut, the problem is reduced quite a bit, but is still there.

I’ve carefully cleaned the nut slot for this string and it didn’t help, so I took it to the GC I bought it at and asked the tech about it. I told him my assumption is that it just needed a new nut.

He took a look at it and said he could definitely hear what I was talking about, but didn’t think a new nut could fix it. He mentioned the lack of string trees and the locking tuners and said what is likely going on is that there’s nothing there to “pull” the string against the nut.

Has anyone else has this issue with their JP6? How did you solve it?

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