Help: MM Luke III BFR and BOSS WL-50

Help: MM Luke III BFR and BOSS WL-50


I have a MM Luke III BFR Hazel Bust Flame HSS and I love it so much. It’s a great great great guitar.
Yesterday I bought a wireless system BOSS WL-50.
When I connect the sender on the jack of the Luke, I get a buzz. This buzz is present even if the volume pot of my Luke is at 0.
I tried the same wireless system on other guitar (Fender, Gibson, PRS) ans there is no buzz on them.
The difference between all these guitars is that the MM Luke III as an active circuit for the boost. The other guitar don’t have any active curcuit.
I think there is some interferences becuase of the battery and the the BOSS sender.
I tried to take the battery off the Luke : no buzz but no soud at all because the Luke need a battery I suppose.

Maybe someone already have this problem ?
Maybe is there a way to take the battery out of the guitar ans using it normally without the 20db boost capability?

Thanks for your help.


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