Help: StingRay 5 HH Concern! Bridge Crooked?????

Help: StingRay 5 HH Concern! Bridge Crooked?????

I’ve noticed that the strings on my EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL SR5 are not running straight through the saddles!! I’ve rarely played this bass as it hangs in a special place…. i know that will cause some of you to roll your eyes… but i do play it when that is the need in one of the bands i play in. Just hasn’t been the need for the last little bit since i’ve had this. It was a gift from my son, and it has both the EBMM specialness, PLUS the fact that he bought it for me…. so it was impossible for me to look at it with a critical eye.

so, that finally happened….. It is very obvious that the bridge is crooked on the bass, and the strings all take the same turn as they pass through the saddles. What should i do about this??? it seems to me that a bass that is constructed on the on premise of the headstock having strings that run perfectly straight through the nut should not have this problem at the bridge.

Could someone weigh in on this topic? I need some advise on what I should do?


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