HOWTO: Powercore driver software links

HOWTO: Powercore driver software links

Since apparently TC management feels we should no longer have access to downloads for our discountinued Powercore products, I went digging and was able to find the last version of the powercore software links: … e/support/

what to do:
1. select the download you want, enter your email, WAIT WAIT AND WAIT SOME MORE, maybe 12 hours from now you will get your download link (that’s how long it took when i tested this 3 days ago)
2. download your software from the email link.


find the software you want, and truncate the link appropriately, bypassing TC’s slow email system:

wayback machine will give you a link with their URL in front: … 05_mac.dmg

just truncate everything before the second HTTP: … 05_mac.dmg

it appears all the files are intact and available, you just cant access them from the website directly.
pretty poor decision and/or oversight IMO. we should be able to get the drivers for our purchased products, supported or not.

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