I managed to get the last Meet & Greet ticket for DT

I managed to get the last Meet & Greet ticket for DT

Hey guys long time since I posted here. Due to family commitment I’ve been playing less and lesser these past 3 years. Hope all you guys are doing well.

So here’s the story (and questions to follow for those who think this is TLDR material),

Dream Theater is going to play in Singapore for I&W’s 25th Anniversary Tour. Being a Malaysian citizen, I normally see those DT shows at Singapore come and go because I’ve already seen them once in Indonesia and for me it is enough.

What’s different this time is, well it’s f’ing Images and Words man and I’ve got this one friend who is going and wants to buy the meet & greet tix also to get his bfr & majesty signed. I said what the hell I’m not going to let him have all the fun (is that jealousy? Lol) and I planned to do the same.

So he mentions this:

“You buy the meet & greet first and then I’ll buy it”

Ok then I proceed to buy the concert tix for the front free standing section and then went to buy the meet & greet at DT.net. My heart stopped when it said there was no stock for the M&G. Then I noticed the quantity is for 2 tix so I changed it to 1 then BOOM I got it.

I called my buddy and said to him you gotta try to buy it now I think they’re already full which he tried immediately and was indeed out of stock.


So as the title says, I’m going to meet DT on the 3rd of October, my childhood dream, ever since I started listening to SFAM back in 2000. So here are the questions for you who have experienced this:

1. How long is the M&G per person?
2. How should I react meeting the band for the first time? (Handshake followed by a big hug maybe?)
3. What is the best small talk topic to discuss during the M&G?
4. What are the things I SHOULD NOT do during the M&G? (Eg. Touch JP’s beard, biceps, etc)
5. I’m bringing my JP6 MD and my buddy’s Majesty to the M&G. Where is the best place for JP to sign them?
6. Should I let the rest of JP’s friends (JK the band) sign on the guitar also? If so where?
7. After the M&G is there a place to store all my signed stuff & merchandise safely while I watch the show after?
8. Any other noteworthy stuff can also be mentioned here. (Especially by you BP & EBMM team) 😀

Thanks for reading guys and thanks in advance for taking the time to answer.

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