I'm making a comeback

I'm making a comeback

Hey Guys…

It’s been a while since i’ve been on the forum. Life has been fun to say the least…

A little over 700 days ago my wife and I decided to go down the road of adoption to grow our family. After extensive research we decided that we would pursue Fost/Adopt. This means that our home would become a Foster Home with the option to adopt if the child became available for adoption.

We had received placement of a newborn that was in intensive care that required my wife and I to travel to San Francisco nightly after work (from Sacramento) to spend time with the little boy whom also happened to be born my my birthday. Long story short after 3 1/2 months he was reunified with his birth family.
Fast forward to Saint Patrick’s Day 2017 we got the call about another little boy that would be needing a home and were we interested. We jumped on it. After 524 days and 20 minutes we were able to finally sign the paperwork to adopt our Son. Jordan Patrick…
I’ve taken some time away from the forum and playing with the band (even stepped out of recording a live album) to concentrate and focus on my son.

During that time I’ve accumulated more gear that i’ve ever picked up… Pictures to follow

Sterling by MusicMan AX40 (pink) with the appropriate DiMarzios installed
Sterling by MusicMan AX40D Ruby Red Burst
Sterling by MusicMan Valentine
Sterling by MusicMan Luke (Hazel Burst) with Transition pickups installed
Sterling by MusicMan StingRay (modded with a vintage DiMarzio DP100 in the Bridge and a PAF in the neck)
Sterling by MusicMan SUB 4 (refinished in buttercream) and then sanded and oil and waxed the neck
Sterling by MusicMan SUB 5 (turned out to be a killer player out of the box)

anywho… catching up on all the great threads. Hope to be more active now that things have settled down.

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