I'm safe….for now

I'm safe….for now

Many of us here “suffer” from G.A.S. I am trying to be good but it has been a long time since my collection of electric basses was less than 10.

Seems like there is always something in my collection from the folks at . I recently got an amazing SR5 from Armybass and it is simply a killer bass.

So I start hanging out here….reading posts….you know how it goes…and now….I really want a certain Bongo 6 string..but have resisted so far. Then there is the Caprice, capisce?

I can resist the impulse to own a Caprice…because it is not (yet) available in a 5 string. I gotta have that B string, you know? Yes, the Bongo still calls….and when it does I just get out my credit card statements and tell myself that I should be good.

Of course, Jack is no help at all. He has been trying to get me to jump on the Bongo wagon since they were introduced.

My daughter is a clinical Psychologist. Perhaps I should call her.

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