Is There a Place to Share and Swap TonePrints?

Is There a Place to Share and Swap TonePrints?

Hi All,

I’m starting to get to grips with my Quintessence Pedal and am now coming up with some cool useful TonePrints for it that I’d like to share…

For example, I’ve created one that produces a cracking bass guitar sound by playing your guitar (tracks really tightly every note played irrespective of the scale or key you are in). Could be used for home recording to produce your bass track or used live to fatten up your sound or to double track the bassist who’s playing in your band. The sound can be loosened up a tad using mash mapping to produce tiny variations in tone bend and delay and by tapping on the MASH pedal whilst playing.

My question is, is there somewhere on this website or on the jolly old internet anywhere, where TonePrints can be posted by users of TonePrint pedals and to be able to download TonePrints created by others.

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