JMP-1 & G-major through usb interface?

JMP-1 & G-major through usb interface?

Hi guys!
I’ve been looking around for topics regarding my problem, but can’t seem to find any with just my issue…

I want to hook up my Marshall JMP-1 preamp and G-major unit to my Steinberg UR22 interface on my PC. The problem is, that the GM is not working, even though the JMP is coming through perfectly.
I run a cable from the UR22 into the emulated out on the JMP, and I have also tried hooking it up to the non-emulated as well (which sounds horribly). I’m not a techie, so I don’t really know what I’m doing wrong, since the GM is not picking up anything? There’s a cable running from the balanced input on the GM, to the master out on the JMP.
– This exact setting works just fine, btw, when I hook it up with a power amp through cabinet speakers…

Hope you can help!

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