LIII – I got PUNKED by my father in law

LIII – I got PUNKED by my father in law

So I have got to share…

my father in law is a musician plays bass and drums. One of his employees is very generous and has given a lot of equipment to me to give to under privileged musicians (we’re talking , , pedals). So he will often buy something to try it and if he doesn’t like it he will hand it off to me to give away.

So last week i received a text from my Father in law with a picture of the new BFR LIII in Tumescent asking if was interested in it at $200 and if it was “worth it”.

Needless to say i called immediately and said YES!!! I’m in…

little did i know i was on speaker phone and they were in tears just laughing….

What a beautiful guitar even if i didn’t get it… LOL

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