M300 – Noise in Effects Loop

M300 – Noise in Effects Loop

Hey TC Fam,
Im using the M300 in the effects loop of my Tech 21 VT500 amp. As a bassplayer i dont use that many effects but a phaser or chorus here and there is what i need. i did a shoot-out of many great phaser pedals and still found the m300 to be the cleanest and most useable sound, plus all the other useable sounds in the unit.


I am trying to run it in my effects loop and it hisses like crazy. i tried connecting a few other pedals to the effects loop of the amp and have no hissing or sound issues. but with the TC M300 it is loud. I tried to throw a noise gate in the loop but that did nothing. I should add, that the problem seems most prominent through the cabinet. when i run the DI to a board or a recording interface, the hiss is not so prominent.

Anyone have any experience or can point out maybe what im doing wrong here?

Thanks so much!

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