multi-dsp Virus, move from mac to windows?

multi-dsp Virus, move from mac to windows?

I just built a new Windows 10 PC to run Cubase with my firewire powercores.

All my Powercore plugs run great with latest driver and JBridge and all my licenses are recognised. Problem is, I only have the mutli-dsp Virus plugins generated for MacOS . . .


Does anyone have any bright ideas how I could get multi-dsp virus working on Windows when I only have the VST and AudioUnit generated for Mac? If I could get a copy from someone else, is there some kind of id file inside my Mac VST which I could copy over? In principle, the license itself is stored in my Powercore, right?

(Single-DSP Virus is working fine btw)

I don’t understand why Access stopped generating the plugin for multi-dsp. In every other way, the Powercore platform is exactly as it was when TC discontinued it. But the removal of the multi-dsp virus plugin-generating service effectively negates the value of that licence for me.

I know, I know, I had fair warning. But I never considered I’d be switching to Windows 🙂

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