Music Man Axis strings height

Axis strings height

Hi there!

I’m about to purchase a Music Man Axis!! (it is going to take up to 6 months to come…but…I’ll wait patiently).

I am a bit concerned by just one little detail: I have been reading a lot in the forum and it seems to me there is a lot of people having some issues with the strings height. I do not know what’s the problem exactly but many of them end using neck shims (to elevate the neck and get it closer to the strings).

Is there any reason for that? I mean is there any problem when trying to reduce strings height? I should be able to do that by using the allen screws that are placed at both sides of the bridge. Is that right?

I say this because I prefer strings to be close to the neck and I would prefer not to use any shim.

Should I be afraid?

Many thanks for your help!

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