My Vintage Music Man Stingray Guitars and a problem

My Vintage Music Man Stingray Guitars and a problem

I just thought you may want to see some pics of my sting ray guitars. I have two stingray 1’s and a stingray 2. I love them but I am also having an issue.

I am using 10’s for strings, have checked the radius of neck matched saddles and string height for radius, no fretting out and neck is almost straight with just slight relief.

The low E string on all three guitars when fretted sounds ….for lack of a better term wonky. Hollow not quite a dead string sound but just off, very difficult to describe. I don’t always remember them playing like this, but then I have been playing a strat for a month or two until I got around to setting these up again. I just dont know what the issue could be. Any ideas?

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I tried posting them to the forum but I guess they are too big. You should be able to see them fromt he link above. Thanks in advance to anyone who views and comments. I have searched the web and cant find what the issue is. Most things say nut, but since it is fretted and still doing it I just don’t think thats the issue. Looking forward to getting them all up and running for some gigging! Hope you can all help me out!


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