Need help deciding between Cutlass and Stingray

Need help deciding between Cutlass and Stingray

I’m having a hard time figuring out which one to get and looking for some help from people that may have both for comparison.

I have to sss strats right now so the stingray seems like the obvious choice however I’ve wanted an HSS for a long time. I definitely want a bridge humbucker but I am not a big fan of humbuckers in the neck. Being a strat guy I love that neck single coil tone.

There’s also the neck differences. I love the v-c shape on the Cutlass but haven’t been able to play a Stingray.

I should also note that I am looking for something to cover heavier music but if the HSS can handle that and still give me that straty neck tone, then I may be able to get rid of my strats.

I’m just a hobby bedroom player using Bias fx.

Any thoughts on the two with what I’m describing?

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