New member, HoF2 question

New member, HoF2 question


After an eternity of not owning TC products I am now an owner of the Corona Mini chorus and the HoF2 reverb. These are great pedals, worthy successors to the Boss pedals they are replacing.

Anyway, my first ‘issue’ has arisen. Here’s a guy playing the HoF2:

At 4:48 he’s playing the Church setting – and when he Mashes the pedal, he gets as described on the website:

“When you go to Church, MASH controls the reverb decay for a maximum of 20 seconds. Once you lift your foot of the switch, the decay parameter will return to the position of the decay knob.”

When I mash the pedal on Church setting, it does not do that. Instead it keeps the same decay, and after a few seconds kills the reverb entirely – I have to lift my foot from the switch to get the reverb back.

Does this indicate a problem with the pedal?

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