New TonePrint Editor Update – BUGGY!

New TonePrint Editor Update – BUGGY!

Software Version: 3.1.02
Build version: 1428
MacbookPro Retina, 8GB RAM, running OSX 10.10.5

Description text for some toneprints sometimes does not appear, seems random.
Some modulation parameters greyed out and no longer available for editing (even though I had before and they were useful and I want to use them).

The Vernon Reid TonePrints STILL do not work as advertised.

[RANT on]

I STILL hate scrolling to see all the parameters no matter what screen resolution I choose.
I STILL hate being forced into portrait mode.
I STILL hate the tiny description text.
I STILL hate that artists with multiple toneprints are displayed in the library as “Multiple Toneprints” rather than their name.

And you now want us to sign up for a mailing list to download this? No!

I’m STILL gonna use editor V2 because it works better.

I am NOT still a happy customer. I’m very frustrated. You’re letting your customers down and crippling them a little more with each new editor release. Please do better!

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