NGD Luke III Boysenberry Burst Flame

NGD Luke III Boysenberry Burst Flame

Hi guys,

So a funny thing happened on Friday just before I finished work. I was on FB (pretending to work) lol and a pic popped up from my dealer I sometimes go to. I nearly choked on my coffee at this point as I’ve been waiting for this finish to appear since it was announced at the Namm show back in January. Apparently to order one of these in the UK is an 18 month waiting list so I’m extremely lucky to get one.

Long story short I just couldn’t resist and I traded in another guitar to get the L3. I’m so glad I did I can’t tell you all how much I love this guitar it just ticks all the boxes for me, and that roasted neck to die for lol.

I’d just like to give a shout out to the guy’s at Musicstreet in Cambridge UK, if anyone want’s to buy a new Music Man then give Tony and Andy a shout they are very helpful and you won’t be disappointed.

Anyway here’s the pic’s for you all enjoy!

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