NGD: Malibu Gold BFR Cutlass

NGD: Malibu Gold BFR Cutlass

Been awhile since I had or posted a NGD. Not as prolific as I used to be:) This one grabbed my attention though. Saw it on Pete DuBaldos website and was instantly pulled to it. Really was not in the market and funds were tight but I inquired about it anyways. A few days later I had an offer I could not refuse.

I always loved gold guitars and this gold is deep and rich, and man what a neck both looks and feel. Very cool Cutlass. Have not had time yet to test it out hard but I will. Thanks Pete for working with me on this one and EBMM for creating a cool BFR Cutlass. As a tease I do have another cool item coming from Pete in the near future which is why I was not really in the market but this one was worth it.


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