NGD – PDN Honeyburst Axis (again)

NGD – PDN Honeyburst Axis (again)

Hello friends!

I’ve been away for a while, but I’m back. I haven’t been able to play guitar for about two years, due to getting carpal tunnel surgery on both arms. The surgeries went well, but just as I was recovering I accidentally pulled my left thumb backwards and ripped the ligament in there, resulting in a trigger thumb.

Coming to the forum while I was trying to forget about was bumming me out, so I took a break from all things guitar related.

Well, six weeks ago I started playing again. Two weeks after that, I ran into a drummer I know.
I said, “Hey man, give me a call if you ever want to play together”. He called me a week later and said his rhythm guitar player quit and invited me to join his band. So, in the last three weeks I’ve learned 14 songs of the 40 they play. We are playing out on Saturday. I will join them for a few songs several times throughout the evening.

I used to have a PDN Honeyburst Axis from the 2013 run. I sold that one. Here is a link to that guitar:…tml?highlight=

I found another one just like it, so I bought it and it arrives tomorrow.…ture32086.html

I’ll play out with my Black Sugar Axis and the new Honeyburst.

I hope everyone has a great day!


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