Nova Delay

Nova Delay

I have bought in 2009 a new Nova Delay here in Paris, France.
Never played it live, the pedal have never been out of my studio.
I was VERY satisfied of the sound and functionalities of this pedal.

But since 2 ou 3 years (so after 2014, after 5 years of use) the pedal begin to have a VERY odd behavior.

At the start up, all the leds blinked, and after some seconds, the only led that is ON is the preset led.
And of course, the pedal is totaly out of function.
For the beggining months, a On/OFF/On sequence and the pedal was, sometimes, OK to work.
But now, it seems that it is definitively out of work.

I have found some informations on the web about users who have expected the same problem, wich is not faced up by company who answers : this is a normal the waranty if dead, we cannot help.

I would like to ask the support what to dob please ? I would like to say that for me TC was a quality company et this is why I decided to buy the Nova. But with care and normal use, is it normal that it is dead afetr 5 or 7 years ?

It looks like a firmware problem. Can you upload a new firmware if this is the root cause ?


Didier Paris France.

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