NovaDrive Nova Drive forgetting/overwriting saved preset patches

NovaDrive Nova Drive forgetting/overwriting saved preset patches

I just noticed that some of my sounds when I activate my Nova Drive have become seriously noisy. When i investigated it seems the nova Drive is forgetting the patches (or rather has randomly overwritten the stored patches). In most instances both overdrive and distortion are ON at the same time meaning the amount of gain and hiss is suddenly prodigious and very undesirable.

I reset some of the ND patches last night, and when tested again earlier today they are still there, so it seems like this may be an inconsistent problem that is difficult to replicate.

The real problem is the sheer worry that this recurs between packing up and unpacking at my next gig, where I wouldnt have time to remap the multiple nova drive patches i use during a gig , or even immediately before one either for that matter.

Has anyone come accross this kind of behavior from a Nova Drive please, and were you able to resolve it? I did search the forum but didn’t see anything on this topic.

If anyone has specific questions about my setup then you should find a similar post in the G System Forum which provides that information.


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