Optimal electric guitar recordings with Konnekt 6?

Optimal electric guitar recordings with Konnekt 6?

I use Konnekt 6 with Logic X.

Im struggling to get that really good guitar sound.
Electric guitar(passive pickups) – konnekt 6 – Logic X – software with impulses .

I think the sound of the guitar is often a little digital fuzz and weak when I’m listning from the daw monitoring
directly IN..
I would like to get as close as possible till warm tube amp sound.
The overload TH3 has good sound but i really need the clean sound before the software amp to be 100% GOOD!

The clean sound directly with the (instrument IN) doesn’t have that low end frequency that I like and think its clipping easy or it is to low signal.

So, how do you do?? Any idea?
Maybe its my guitar pickups that doesn’t work good? Active better?

Best regards!

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