Pickup cover quandary…

Pickup cover quandary…

Morning, all! I’ve got a question which may be kinda silly, but here goes. I have a 2012 (I’m pretty sure) Sterling 4 HS, and love it dearly. Some months back, I posed a question about maybe electronically eliminating my neck pickup, but came to my senses and realized that’s dumb. Nonetheless, there’s still one switch position I just can’t possibly imagine a use for, position ‘2’ (one coil of bridge humbucker + dummy coil), and I would very much like to modify it to activate both bridge coils in parallel, a la Stingray.

Now, if I understand correctly, the bridge pickup on HH and HS models is lacking a wire to make this possible, which bums me out for two reasons. The first and biggest is that it sounds flat out amazing, though if I swap it out it’ll likely be for a Nordstrand, which I’m told is just as good or maybe even (blasphemy!) better. The second is that the Nordstrand (and all other aftermarkets of which I’m aware) has the old-style cover with the three mounting ears, whereas my bass has the awesome molded thumbrest deals. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too big a deal comfort-wise, but aesthetically it would be less than ideal since it would match neither my pickguard cutout nor my neck pickup.

Does anyone know if the pickup covers on these basses can be removed/replaced? I would think so, because surely people break them here and there, but I’ve heard they can and can’t from various sources. Thank you.

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