Push/Push Gain Boost & scratchy tone pot fix – help

Push/Push Gain Boost & scratchy tone pot fix – help

Hello Everyone,

My new JP16 tone pot is producing a “scratchy” sound while rotating, and a slight “pop” when engaged. My Valentine tone pot has also become scratchy sounding. I bought a bottle of DeoxIt, but not sure exactly where I need to use it. I imagine the “pop” may be unavoidable- it’s not that noticeable or distracting.

I now have the push/push gain boost in five of my seven MusicMan guitars (but haven’t put it to use). I was wondering how to best use it. On an overdriven sound it does produce a slight boost, but on a clean channel it’s very noticeable (and loud). I’m just not sure how to use it or dial it in. Lately, I’ve thought maybe I’m missing something. Just curious.

My amps produce plenty of gain (JP-2C, 5150 III 6L6 & EL34 50 watts, and Victory V30 MK II The Countess). So, maybe I don’t really need it that much. I use the Fractal Audio FX8 MKII for FX. I realize the gain boost would be best straight into the amp, or maybe with an analog signal path in front of the amp. Thanks!

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